Aventrus WEB UI UX Design

Web Redesign for Aventrus.

Grand Hire WEB UI UX Design

Recruitment Web Design for Macedonian Agency

Akwaline WEB UI UX Design

New E com Web Site for Akwaline

Lankas Creations WEB UI UX Design

New Landing Page Design for Lanka’s Creation

Project 1

In the fast-evolving food delivery industry, our current app faces significant usability and user experience hurdles, impacting customer and restaurant partner satisfaction. Users struggle with navigation, ordering, customization, and payments, leading to decreased satisfaction and retention. Restaurant partners also grapple with order management and menu accuracy issues.

To maintain competitiveness and user-centricity in this fierce market, we must conduct an extensive UX case study. This study will pinpoint these issues and allow us to address them effectively, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience and boosting the app’s user base and engagement levels

Project 2

The problem faced by developers using the DevelopersStack web application and LMS are a challenging and non-intuitive user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design.

Users have reported difficulties in navigating the platform, locating course materials, and tracking their progress. This sub optimal design negatively impacts their learning experience and overall satisfaction pf using web site and lms.

The need for a comprehensive UX/UI overhaul is evident to enhance usability, streamline navigation, and ensure a more engaging and efficient learning environment.

DevStack 1

Pixel Perfect

Meticulously crafted designs exhibiting precision, detail, and excellence in every pixel.

High Quality

Exemplary standards showcased in superior, top-tier creations—setting a benchmark for quality.

Awesome Idea

Innovative concepts brought to life, igniting brilliance and creativity consistently.

Aquarium e com
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I'm a UI UX Designer

I Can Design Any Web or App You Want

Hello there! I’m a web designer, and I’m very passionate and dedicated to my work. As an 3 years experienced UX/UI designer and web designer, I specialize in creating intuitive, user-centered digital experiences. 

My portfolio showcases a range of projects across various industries and platforms, including: UX Case study, UI Design, Web Design and Mobile App Design. I have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to make your project a success. I enjoy every step of the design process, from discussion and collaboration.

My Design Process

I adhere to fundamental steps when crafting user experience-centric products.

Problem Research and Analysis

UI/UX research analyzes user needs for optimal design experiences."

Solution and wireframing

Crafting design solutions through wireframing for intuitive user experiences.

Visual Design

Creating aesthetically pleasing interfaces for engaging user interactions and experiences.

Prototype & Usability Testing

Prototyping to refine designs through testing for optimal user experiences.


My Amazing Works

I transform client visions into reality by crafting bespoke designs, ensuring satisfaction through personalized, impactful solutions with artistic finesse.

Design is Life

I Develop Skills Regularly to Keep Me Updated

Updated skills gain more value to the success. always update my skills with new design trends

Problem Solving
WordPress | HTML | CSS


What People Say

People Say about my skills and passion related to service done by me to their requirements.

Freelancing Services

What I Do for Clients

 Most common methods for designing websites that work well on desktop is responsive and adaptive design

UI UX Design

Starts from $10 (per page)

We design user-friendly and usability interfaces to bring forth smooth user experinece. Well Design UI get more engagemeent to your web site or mobile app.

Web Design

Starts from $25 ( 1 Page Design)

Web design refers to the design of websites that are displayed on the internet. It usually refers to the user experience aspects of website development

WordPress Design

Starts from $60

Creating visually appealing and functional websites using WordPress, incorporating design elements for a seamless user experience and aesthetic appeal.

Graphic Design

Starts from $15

Crafting compelling visuals, logos, and illustrations using creative software, aligning artistry with communication goals for impactful graphic design solutions.

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 Please fill out the form on this section to contact with me Or call between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. IST, Monday through Friday


+94 75 767 6542


Colombo, Sri Lanka

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